Design Team Assignment

The following are a set of three posters design for the UNICEF West Africa assignment. In this series, we see Earth in the center of the poster, a large hand on the top left corner putting money into the globe and a small child’s hand reaching out to take the item produced from the opposite side of the world. The idea is that donations to the UNCIEF West Africa division has helped produced these three items. Each poster was designed with the theme of that particular item being the source of empowerment for the children of Africa. Each poster was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and rendered using a Wacom Intuso Pro tablet.


The empowerment of books on the education of children in need.

Water BottleCW The empowerment of fresh clean water on children in need.

Pill BottleCW And finally, the empowerment of medical attention and medication for the children in need.