New Name, New Attitude

AGU has gone through so many amazing changes this semester and all for the better. As such, we not only changed our attitude about our club and the students who come here but our name as well! We have always been a social club for people with similar interests. The leadership all agreed that it was time for a new name to go along with all our changes.

We are now officially called the Society for Modern Visual Culture club. We still meet up at our usual spot and have both new and old faces still here. We have taken many steps to making the club room a safe space and anti-bullying environment where student from all backgrounds may come and relax. It’s one thing to write that in your club’s constitution but to actually enforce it is another matter entirely. We mean business about what we feel all students should be exposed to: compassion and above all else, acceptance.



We have many pans for the club for this my final semester with tech. We are having our Halloween party, as usual and an end of the year party to say our final goodbyes to our grads! While it is a bittersweet feeling, I will leave knowing our club is in great hands and that all the hard work I’ve put into making us who we are now will not be forgotten once I’m gone.

Please look forward to more updates about our upcoming parties and of course our usual events at the club!

Peace cute