Week 2

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  1. Identify your responsibilities within ? Find a case research and create a PowerPoint from it.
    Did you complete all of the tasks assigned to you? no
    If either the above answer is “no” or “most of them,” explain why you could not complete all of the assigned tasks. We still cannot find either a cancer related case or anything remotely interesting. I’ve been doing a ton of portables and cheat X-rays here at the hospital hopefully when I rotate I’ll be able to find something more interesting!
    Identify another group member. Renee
    How would you rate this person’s participation in the group? Very well very involved and in charge.
    This person was incredibly involved in each phase of this project. Yes so far
    This person completed all work assigned to him/her, but was not otherwise involved.
    This person completed most of the work assigned to him/her, but other group members contributed more than he/she did.
    This person did not contribute to the group project.
    If you feel the need to defend your answer to #5, do so here.

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