Today I finally got this.So Lets try to work on it ASAP:


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your participation in the 11th Annual Poster Session. You make the Poster Session a success.

Please find below information related to the preparation of your poster.

a) The Poster Session will be held on November 21 from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Atrium.

b) The display area for the poster is 36″x48″. There are several possibilities for setting up the display.

1. We are happy to announce that we can offer the possibility to print your poster in house. In order to do this, you must submit a pdf file of your poster either on a cd or on a flash drive (i.e. usb stick). Your poster must be in the form of a single, ready to print pdf file, in the 31″x42″ format. It can be in landscape or portrait format. The corresponding Templates are attached. Please make white background for the poster to save very expensive ink. You must submit your cd or flash drive to Professor Roman Kezerashvili (office N812 or mailbox in room N811) by noon (12:00pm) of November 15 or earlier. On the cd or flash drive on an attached paper, you should write your name, department, phone number, and email.

2. We can provide the standard poster board 36″x48″ by your request. You may bring your own poster board 36″x48″ or printed poster which fits into the allotted space.

3. We also can provide limited number of the blue poster boards. ( see attachment)

4. The poster should display the title of your presentation, your name (names) and the department with which you are affiliated.

I hope that this message answers the questions that some of you have e-mailed me.

We look forward to seeing your poster presentation.

Best wishes,

Roman Kezerashvili

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