Week 1

Please do not post your reflections on this page! Each group has a sub-page for their members to write their reflections in.

2 Responses to Week 1

  1. 1. Identify your responsibilities within the group:
    I set up the Open lab Group#8 forum and I took on the role of group leader as well as the task of collaborating the information into one organized case study research paper.

    2. Did you complete all of the tasks assigned to you? No.

    3. If either the above answer is “no” or “most of them,” explain why you could not complete all of the assigned tasks. In order to begin the process of collaborating the information and typing up a paper I first need to obtain all the information about the case from Myra, obtain the images pertaining to the case from Enasha, and obtain information on the patient’s pathology, treatment and prognosis from Stanly

    4. Identify another group member:
    Myra Lucero

    5. How would you rate this person’s participation in the group? Excellent
    Yes, This person was incredibly involved in each phase of this project.

    If you feel the need to defend your answer to #5, do so here.
    She is a team player and is adamantly working to secure a solid case for our group presentation.

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