Week 5

Please do not post your reflections here! There are subpages for each group to post their reflections.

One Response to Week 5

  1. Identify your responsibilities within the group: __________co-writer___________________
    Did you complete all of the tasks assigned to you? ___ yes ___ most of them
    If either the above answer is “no” or “most of them,” explain why you could not complete all of the assigned tasks.
    Identify another group member: ______Alina___________________________________________
    How would you rate this person’s participation in the group?
    ___efficient_________________This person was incredibly involved in each phase of this project.
    ____ yes _______________This person completed all work assigned to him/her, but was not otherwise involved.
    ____yes________________This person completed most of the work assigned to him/her, but other group members contributed more than he/she did.
    ____ no she did contribute________________This person did not contribute to the group project.
    If you feel the need to defend your answer to #5, do so here.

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