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Leviza Murtazayeva

Prof. Scanlan -English 1121

Virtual Coffeehouse

         Over time, trying out many new applications that can especially help me in the current situation and maybe others. My favorite category of application at this moment are aerological such as “Co-star” app. This app allows you to put information about you to get as much as accurate results as possible. It first suggests you enter information like your full name, birth date, birth location, birth time, and other things about you as you try to make an account. You may customize the profile of yours as much as you want to so that you can be satisfied, this is interesting because other astrological applications never allowed you to create an account before, it was mostly temporary and not as customizable for one individual it was broader. The idea of this application is to provide you with a variety of information about your astrological sign, in-depth explanation about your personality and traits that you will acquire, and even your mood for each day. The most interesting thing about it is that the application shows your birth planets, it is the main source for describing your personality traits. Co-Star also allows you to add your friends and compare each other’s traits and how compatible we are as friends. Lastly, the app sends a motivational quote every morning that only applies to you and your day. I have been learning a lot about signs and horoscopes which have always fascinated me through this app, and the most exciting thing is, all of this is free!

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  1. Joyce

    Hi Leviza, your post intrigued me because I like reading about horoscopes and astrology. I might have to check out the app you recommended. The App I use is called Daily Horoscope. Reading materials is a great way to distract ourselves, especially during this time. So, I totally agree that we still need to find ways to not stress. It’s amazing when the information is on point like wow. When you said, it “allows you to add your friends and compare each other’s traits and how compatible we are as friends.” I think that’s a cool feature to have that in the app. Because I usually check the horoscope page on Instagram for that and when the description suits them, I will tag my friends. It is a great conversation starter after all.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Leviza,
    Great post about that app. I’ve have to say that I always read my horoscope in the paper, but if someone asks me, I’d say “oh, I don’t believe it, it is just for fun.” But then why do I keep reading them?

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