Journal 6

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)



The reading ÔÇťNew York Day WomenÔÇŁ wrote by Edwidge Danticat is my favorite short story out of the 5. The reason I love it´╝îit is because this remain me as an immigrant family´╝îI never think about my the feeling and thought in this foreign soil about my family member´╝îwhat are they doing when I did not see them´╝îthe only person I care is myself.

This short story happens in a Haiti immigrant family. Our narrator´╝îthe daughter of a Haiti mother´╝îaccidentally saw her mother´╝îa person who never will shop outside of Brooklyn´╝înow is strolling Manhattan´╝îduring her lunch time. The curiosity force narrator to follow her mother´╝îand find out the unknown side of her mother.

The story is setting a stage in Manhattan´╝îalso mention narratorÔÇÖs mother is a person who never shop outside of Brooklyn´╝îas the stage in the story´╝îManhattan it not just a random place´╝î it is a symbol which symbolize the hidden side of for mother and the Brooklyn is symbolize old impression. The story happen in Manhattan mean the old impression have to change´╝îdue to the narrator did not know everything to her mother.

There were 2 charters in this story the mother and daughter´╝îan young generation and old generation´╝îthe story is based on the view point of narrator´╝îwe can see this is represent the point of view of the new generation to old generation´╝îbut the story overthrow the old impression´╝îled to the theme of this storyÔÇöÔÇöthe unknown side of things. Brooklyn and Manhattan´╝î2 borough in the same city´╝îbut have a huge difference. If we compare ´╝îManhattan to Brooklyn, Brooklyn just like a Slumdog´╝îthe wealth in Manhattan´╝îthe poor in Brooklyn´╝îbut they are in the same New York city. Every things can have 2 side you have to know both sides to generate a none-bias┬á view to a thing or person, otherwise we will case a stereotype or misunderstanding.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Siyi, thanks for your journal. Lot’s of ideas here. Please continue to work on proofing.

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