Marchella Prado
English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)
Research Prospectus
April 28, 2020
“A Good Fall”
The short story that I have chosen to write about is “A Good Fall” by Ha Jin. I really like this story because of how well written it was. The characters, the themes, and just how it makes you feel as a reader. When you continued to read the story, you were interested every step of the way. When it comes to me, I lose interest really quickly, but with this story I actually was able to finish it without getting bored. This story was about a monk who worked at Gaolin Temple and was fired by Master Zong who was in charge of the temple he worked at. He had no money to provide for himself and didn’t want to go back home knowing he had nothing. Master Zong kept his passport because he wanted to send Ganchin back on his terms so that it didn’t look bad on him or the temple. Eventually Ganchin attempted suicide but it didn’t go as planned when his martial arts instincts kicked in and saved his life. After, he was helped on how to fix and better the situation he was in. Ganchin was one of the main characters, he was a monk/kung fu teacher at the temple. Choices he’s made were moving in with Fanku instead of staying at Cindy’s, escaping the airport, and attempting suicide. Throughout the story, the ethical choices made by Ganchin were deontology, virtue, and global. Another main character was Master Zong, the head of the temple. Choice he made was firing Ganchin, keeping his passport from him, not paying him what he owed Ganchin, and kidnapping him. Throughout the story, the ethical choices made by Master Zong were utilitarian. Another main character was Fanku, they met at a festival once and when Ganchin asked to stay with him, he welcomed him. Choices he’s made were taking Ganchin in, providing for him, and ended up having to stop paying for him due to his own money problems, and told Master Zong his whereabouts. Throughout the story, the ethical choices made were deontology and utilitarian. Last but not least another main character was Cindy. Who was friends with Ganchin, he once was her teacher. Choices she’s made was by opening up her home to Ganchin, paying for him when they met up, and being there for him overall. Throughout the story, her ethical choices were virtue, utilitarian, and global.