Scientista Symposium: Women in Science

A few must reads…..

Read this inspiring interview with Corina Newsome, a master’s student at Georgia Southern University who studies seaside sparrows in coastal marshes. She and others organized #BlackBirdersWeek to highlight the stories of black people in the outdoors.

Mary J. Wilson, the first African American senior zookeeper, passed away at 83 due to complications from COVID-19. Mary will always be an inspiration for future generations. Read her obituary in The New York Times.

Did you know that last week was world ocean’s week? Annie Brett from Stanford published a commentary on oceanography and climate change.

And Katherine Sullivan, who is the first woman to walk in space, is now also the first woman to reach the deepest point of the ocean.

Natalie Uomini, a cognitive scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, published research on why corvids are so smart.

In these trying times, the world could use more researchers like Shi Zhengli, a virologist who researches SARS-like coronaviruses of bat origin. Read about her work here.

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