Wollstonecraft is writing this letter to spread awareness about women’s rights, also because she wanted the same rights as men. Wollstonecraft takes it upon herself to write a letter to the fellow man in charge at the time which was Talleyrand. In the letter, she gets into deep detail about how women, she’s not here to argue or talk about her personal needs but she’s here to talk about how women are subjected to their denial of civil rights and political rights. Women weren’t able to make certain decisions freely like men. The discourse community of this Dedicatory Letter is for women who are struggling or not in control of their own rights and women you doesn’t have the same equal opportunities as men. 

Young is presenting this speech because she wants to spread awareness about being disabled and having a disability and also just because you have a disability doesn’t make you in capable of doing daily things or accomplishing your dreams. She sees this issue as a because society shows us disabled people as objects of inspiration and not regular people and being disabled make you exceptional and being disabled is a bad thing. Young discourse group is people who was born with disabilities and to show them that just because you have a disability doesn’t you can’t go far in life.