My discourse community/ the discourse community I belong to is minorities who can’t afford overly priced internet services. The people who are involved are the people who are struggling with paying or affording overpriced Wi-Fi such as myself are attempting to make the problem visible to outsiders. Some strategies are making social media posts to get the word out about this cause since our generation is big on social media and technology. The people who should know about it are the people of New York City but most importantly the mayor of New York City. I believe as citizens of New York City we should stand up and let our voices be heard about this matter. The mayor of our community should be willing to hear our cries and concerns about the lack of WIFI in low income minority communities. Instead of letting us suffer for so long. Some more ideas to get the viewers more information that would be persuasive to help my audience that is particular issue is a problem is to get in collaborative group chat to discuss this matter where everyone gets a change to share why we believe this matter so important and also negotiate with them if we make this possible we’ll give out free service to who ever supported.