If I were to advise any future students reading this anything, I would tell them to read everything thoroughly and try to see if you can find some website which will inform you about the way people talked in Shakespeare’s time. If I could go back in time, I would definitely have appreciated being able to learn what some people meant by when they were saying certain phrases in the readings. I would advise future to skim through everything on a first reading, just to get a general gist on what is happening, then do a second reading where you can focus more on the details of what is happening and what is being said. I would also recommend you do low stakes writing assignments as quickly as you can while making sure you fill out the criteria, just so you have more time to do other things. As for major writing assignments, I would highly advise going through the city tech library for any information on their annotated Bibliography as soon as they can because it can be surprisingly difficult to find sources which relate to some topics. Also, start writing the major assignments when they are being announced in class. It can be one paragraph, one sentence, or even just one word. It is better to get your brain thinking about what to write.