Dear future ENG1121 Student,

The best advice I can give you is to enjoy your time in this course and make the most out of this English class. You probably took English your whole life and chances are your major doesn’t require any other English classes. It is very likely that this the last English class of your life. If you hadn’t enjoyed English classes in the past, I hope knowing this will give you a newfound appreciation for what you are to learn in this class. Even if it is just a reiteration of what you’ve done in past classes. Really savor the moment. If I could turn back time to the beginning of the semester I would remind myself of this. Right now as the semester nears an end, I’m sitting here on the last day of the last English class of my life feeling sentimental and overcome with nostalgia. And to think for five days a week, an hour everyday, and nine months of year for fifteen years I would dreadfully sit through my English class waiting for the bell to ring. The irony of it all makes me laugh. I would suggest you put effort into this class and put heart into your writing assignments. Write like it’s the last time you will ever write. Because that is a very real possibility. That is my advice to you.


Another Student