Quote 1: “In consequence, when a university becomes established in a town, the presence of this constellation of discourse communities influences the wider urban environment; as a result, the urban environment provides services that are helpful to the university, such as cheap student housing, cheap restaurants, museums, and more bookshops, which in turn further consolidates our sense of a university town like Cambridge, Heidelberg, or Uppsala.” (Paragraph 9, line 6-12)

I find this quote interesting because I would not have realized that discourse community had any affect on an area or town. When I think of discourse communities, I would have first assumed a group of people who had a similar interest online. I would not have thought that different college communities affect the towns and the types of buildings there are around there. At the same time, it makes sense because certain colleges have towns where students go to eat and relax, and they are specifically created for students.

Quote 2: “One of the many things that I did learn in the investigative process was that university clocks move at different speeds in different parts of a university.” (Paragraph 2, line 1-2)

I found this quote interesting as I feel the same way. I feel that when I am in school, times move slower than usual, making class time feel like hours and hours when in reality, it has probably only been like 30 minutes. Different parts of the campus have different speeds, as sitting down and relaxing in the cafeteria could feel like minutes, when in reality the hour has already passed and your next class starts in 5 minutes. You feel like you barely had time to pull out your laptop and start any homework, when while your in class, you have already written two essays, started next week’s homework and you still have an hour left of class. You continuously stare at the clock hoping that the time the class ends comes soon.