My first discourse community is my manager group chat for Chipotle. We talk on a daily basis where we communicate how the shift is going, any issues we have or questions we have about what we are doing. We try our best to communicate who is doing what, who is in charge of certain things, and what we have to do for the day. Our goal is to make sure we are placing our team so that we have a smooth and efficient team. Since we aren’t always working with each other or if we have to reach a certain person we know is working, we use the designated manager group chat or we may call one another. We also have a designated book in the office where we dedicate any messages to our other managers but it is rarely used as it is much easier to just text one another. If we see one another at work, then we verbally communicate. We communicate with the outside world using our phones, as it is the fastest way of communication for us. We use certain terms like “Heard” which is our way of saying we saw a message or we understood something. The requirement to join the group chat is to be a manager of any level and for the most part, any term we use does not need to be explained as they either know beforehand or were trained beforehand to know what certain things are and mean. As a group, we know that we are equal in “power” but we still follow an unsaid hierarchy in which certain managers are listened to more, either for being higher up than others or for how long they have worked there. One issue my community has is lack of workers on a shift, whether it be that people called out or there are not enough people scheduled for the work that has to be done. Having less workers leads me to my next issue, which is chaos, which may sometimes arise when we have too much and work, too little time, and not enough people. We feel overwhelmed to do a lot of work in a certain amount of time, and it leads for a chaotic shift, where it is too messy, too dirty and nothing is happening even though there is a lot of movement. We also have an issue with difficult team members as they want to work with attitudes and make the shift difficult or depressing. We may also have team members who do not want to do work and it makes it worthless to have them on a shift if they are not going to help and just bring the team down. 

My second discourse community is the crew member/ employee discourse community. We talk whenever we see each other and if we need each other for something. I recently had to leave this community as I moved higher up where I work but I still understand their point of views. I know that as crew members, we want to have an easygoing shift, where we work but have a good time, and we are not overworked. We also are here to make money so we want to maximize our hours but not work too many to where our day is gone. We communicate by texting one another or if we see each other, we talk with one another. We communicate our work issues or work related conversations to the world using either messages or groups online, like reddit groups. We use simple language but we may sometimes incorporate language that only us Chipotle crew members will understand, though it is not hard to figure out. The only things you really need to know to join this group is to be a Chipotle crew member and know the basics of what is going on and what the work is made up of which is not hard to learn since you are taught as you go. Similar to the manager discourse community, this community values those who have been there longer and know much more than those who just started. One issue we have is that we are overworked. We are expected to a lot of work in a small amount of time which is very overwhelming and can be seen as too much for our amount of pay. Another issue we have is that we feel as if certain people do more work than others for the same amount of pay. Those who have been working longer do more than those who just started simply because they are expected to be better and faster. We are overwhelmed and get annoyed when we see others do less and get awarded for barely doing work. We also sometimes have issues with the hours we get, whether we have too many hours and find it difficult to request a day off or we have too little hours as for some, this is their only job to support their needs and the hours we have may not be enough for what we need.

My last discourse community is the Bad Bunny fans community. We all connect and communicate with each other and with the outside world through social media, including Tik-Tok, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few. Our goal is just to listen to his music and enjoy it, as well as hype him up to others. His music is mainly in Spanish so the main language we use is Spanish as well as English, for those who know both languages. There isn’t really much of a requirement to join, really all you need is to be a fan of Bad Bunny and there aren’t really any terms to know as well. There is not really a value system, we are all equal but those who have been there since day one are of value and are more looked up too as they know much more about him and about what he is doing and why. There aren’t many problems with the community but we do have a few issues with resellers. Resellers purchase limited time Bad Bunny merchandise or tickets that are being sold, only to sell them for higher price which is unfair to true fans who don’t get the chance to purchase anything and don’t have enough to pay resell prices. Another issue we have is fans that are crazy for him, in a way in which it could endanger Bad Bunny himself, other people and themselves as well. We all love hum but jumping onstage can be dangerous, especially in these times where it is recommended to social distance.