I am a part of fast food employee workers discourse community and there are always issues we face but the biggest issue we have is the workload we have and the amount of things we have to deal with for such little pay. As a Chipotle employee, now a manager, I can say I have experienced days when I have done so much work, I am drained by the end of my shift. As a fast food employee, I understand how much is put in so that customers can be served. For example, I come in at six in the morning to prep for the whole day which includes making several types of food, including guacamole which is difficult and time-consuming to make. Later, we have to constantly make food to catch up with the amount of people ordering, meaning we never stop moving. On top of that, we deal with customers who have rude attitudes or feel as if they have to be disrespectful to those serving them simply because they are just doing their job. It’s not just Chipotle employees who face this stress, it is every fast food employee. There are current and former employees who speak out about the workload in order to shine light to the problems we face. They fight for better wages, easier workloads and better benefits as well, as certain things like that make the job worthwhile.

I feel as if everyone in society deserves to know about this problem. It is not just a group of people that should know, but everyone as a collective. Those who have never worked in the fast food industry can see the difficulties of working in this field and hopefully everyone else can see the amount of work that goes into their food so that they can think twice about speaking to employees with a snarky attitude  and trying to fight them over food. Employees creating a strike would definitely get the message across to various news outlets, furthering the publicity we would get. Even having people working with fast food for one day would get the message across as to how draining it is.