Mary Wollstonecraft is writing this letter to M. Talleyrand-Perigord former Bishop of Autun to bring up the rights of women and how women should have independence and be treated with respect and equality. She sees this is an issue because she feels as if women are being held back from progressing into women with substance. She believes that women will stop the progress of knowledge as they are the main influence for children, who will now day grow up to “understand the true principle of patriotism”. After reading this letter, I would identify Wollstonecraft’s discourse community as a female or women discourse community, considering she is fighting for women to be treated as equal and respected as men. The recipient seems to be outside of the discourse community, as Wollstonecraft is informing him of the ways in which women are treated and is trying to convince him to change his constitution. He is a legislator who is being challenged by her to prove why she is incorrect.

Stella Young is a journalist who is in a wheelchair presenting a speech on how society views disabled people as inspirations, as if they are special simply for being disabled. She argues that being disabled does not make you exceptional, no matter how much society wants to paint it that way. She argues that disabled people are objectified by society to seem as inspirational to non disabled people to make their lives seem better. She says this is a problem because they are just regular people who have not done anything out of the ordinary, except be born disabled. They feel objectified, and she feels as if being disabled should be viewed as a norm, not an extraordinary thing. I would identify Young’s discourse community to be part of those with disabilities. Our society is the recipient of her speech, including adults and children, seem to be outside of the disabled discourse community as she is informing those who are not disabled, the reality of being disabled to change the way we view them.