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01 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to a question posted. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

When will you choose Adobe Illustrator ahead of the other Adobe Software? List three things you might create with Adobe illustrator.


  1. Patrick Richardson

    I will use illustrator to create website graphic such as icons and logos, I will use it to create vectors for videos, and use it to create my own typeface.

  2. Chailin Wu

    Adobe illustrator is used to create vector graphics. This is more vector based, while other applications can focus on editing videos or layout type. With this program, I can create logos and icons, vector art, posters, and alter typography. I can create patterns and different shapes.

  3. Hayden

    I will use Adobe Illustrator for illustration design, advertising and graphic design, because this software is very convenient to draw graphics and polygons. The brush tools and line tools in it make it very convenient for me to click when designing illustrations, and also give me a variety of choices. Compared with the experience of using Adobe Photoshop, where there is more image modification and photo color adjustment, there is no convenient tool for me to edit and change in graphic design.

    The three things I can do with Adobe Illustrator are:

    Mesh tool, this tool can be used to add to the graph can change the shape of the tool, because the display is a range of mesh, so it can be modified in many aspects.

    Gradient tool, this tool allows the graphics to mix multiple colors together to create a gradient effect, and can also change the size and Angle of the color coverage, and this can also change the color of the graphics stroke.

    Brush tool, this tool can draw the graphics you want, for people who like to draw and design their own graphics, this function is very friendly. It can change the thickness and size at any time and choose different effects of the brush to paint, so that the graphics appear more active and dynamic.

  4. Melisa WuLin


  5. Muhammad Amin Uddin

    I think each Adobe software has its own unique features which makes it different from others, I would choose to use Illustrator over the other Adobe software if I’m working on illustrations or animations. three things that I might create with Adobe Illustrator would be logos, designing custom fonts, or refining existing ones and icons.

    • Patrick Richardson

      You can also use illustrator to create icons and frames for videos.

  6. Kenneth Li

    Adobe Illustrator is a graphic editor that deals in vector art. So to begin with, I’d use Illustrator for projects that require me to make a graphic. Since it’s vector art, which doesn’t lose detail no matter how you scale it, it makes it perfect for graphics that are required to be in different sizes to fit different objectives such as logos. It’s infinitely scalable because vector art deals with mathematical equations to make lines unlike the other Adobe graphic editor, Photoshop, that only deals in raster, also known as pixels.

    Three things I can create with Adobe Illustrator are as I mentioned above,

    1. Logos, because they go on a lot of different graphics and take on various sizes.

    2. Illustrations, it is a graphic editor, so Adobe Illustrator can also be used to make actual images.

    3. Type, just like with logos, type needs to be in many places in different sizes. Making it vector allows that to happen.

    • Hayden

      Hi kenneth, I agree with you that Illustrator is more about detail, and no matter how you zoom, you don’t lose detail, which is what Illustrator does best. Also, the three things you provide is very good explanations.

  7. antigonebuzhala

    Adobe Illustrator is an excellent choice for crafting sharp vector graphics and illustrations. It helps at preserving quality, keeping your work clear and sharp at any size. Whether you’re designing logos, icons or typography, Illustrator enables seamless scalability without lowing the quality. This makes it perfect for projects needing graphics on various platforms and devices. Illustrator’s versatility and quality make it a top choice for graphic designers and illustrators.

    Three things that we can create with Adobe Illustrator are, 1) Icon Design: Adobe Illustrator is great for making icons for apps, websites, or anything on the screen. It keeps the design sharp so it works well on all devices. 2) Typography: Adobe Illustrator is an amazing software to use what it comes to experiment with letters. It offers a wide range tools to manipulate with typography and letters. 3) Pattern design: With adobe Illustrator we are able to design patterns for textiles, background patterns for websites, or other uses. You can repeat and modify patterns to find or create your most favourite one.

  8. Edd Mendez

    The three things that I might create with Adobe Illustrator. The first thing that I create in Illustrator, is a pencil tool. It’s used for drawing freestyle line segments, contrary to the pen tool that makes use of plotted anchor points on a line. For the pencil tool, I use my own drawing tablet, called “Wacom”. This device can used with a pressure-sensitive stylus that provides a much more natural and intuitive drawing experience compared to a mouse, which allows one to control a creative task. So When I put my sketch in Illustrator Adobe, I trace it with my Wacom, and it might take a wild to trace it. But it is easy to draw in Illustrator, and it is better than the mouse. Another thing that I created to illustrate, is the Eyedropper tool, which allows one to sample a specific color from part of an image. For instance, after I finally finish tracing my drawing work of cartoon, anime, or video game characters, I use Google Images search to for characters, and I pick a picture and save it as a JPG, so it can be entered in Illustrator, and then I use Eyedropper tool to copy exact colors, and then fill in the tracing. The third thing, that I created in Adobe Illustrator, is the Type Tool. It allows you to add text to an Illustrator document, use the Type tool, or click on the artboard and begin typing. The type that I always use is Rockwell because it looks good type font. So when I choose this type of font, I resize it with a white square corner to make it big and small or click on Characters to set the type font and see the selection of type font editing. Also, in the paragraph where you see the setting of type font moving, there is the align on the top, and the bottom is ident and paragraph. As you can see, the three things that I create in Adobe Illustrator, are the pencil tool, Eyedropper tool, and Type Tool.

  9. Stephanie Erazo

    Adobe Illustrator is a great software solution for creating and editing high-quality graphics that can be adjusted to any size. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to work with vector graphics, create intricate illustrations or designs, and produce print materials with sharp and scalable visuals.

    Adobe Illustrator is ideal for producing intricate vector-based artwork, logos, icons, and illustrations. Its precision and scalability are highly useful in designing custom illustrations for book covers, detailed infographics, or company logos.

    The software is also ideal for designing print materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and posters. Its ability to work with vector graphics ensures that your designs will be sharp and clear, no matter what size they are printed at. 

    Lastly, Adobe Illustrator is the go-to software for intricate designs involving a combination of vector artwork, text, and graphics. Its advanced drawing tools and layering system allow you to create detailed compositions that can be easily adjusted and modified. This could involve designing a magazine spread, a multi-page booklet, or a complex digital illustration.

  10. Agustin Melo

    The 3 reasons I prefer Adobe Illustrator above other software/programs is because of the Cross-Platform Compatibility, Creative Freedom, and Versatility offered only through Illustrator. When it comes to working with other software/programs not all are cross-platform compatible which means you are stuck working off of a single device, but that isn’t the case for Illustrator since it has an open platform system letting you work off your laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, etc. When it comes to Creative Freedom Adobe Illustrator gives creatives an abundance amount of tools allowing them to be completely free within the creative workflow of their creative projects. Versatility in Illustrator allows creatives to create anything from packaging design to brand identities in one software instead of having to switch back and forth between multiple software. It also allows you to work on more than one project at the same time allowing for easy access to other files and assets. These are the 3 reasons why I prefer to use Illustrator instead of other programs/software. 

  11. Bonnie yang

    Some people might be confused as to when to use Illustrator over other Adobe programs such as Photoshop for example. A simple run down is Adobe Illustrator is a vector design software, and Photoshop is a raster program. You can use Illustrator for many things. I personally use Illustrator when I need to make a logo, simple illustrations, and infographics. As vector graphics, when resized, the quality won’t be compromised; it will remain clear, not pixelated, because it is mathematically based. It is also suitable for printing, and again, because it can be resized without losing details, you can print as large as a billboard or as small as a card.

  12. Elvis Gordillo

    I will choose Adobe Illustrator ahead of the other Adobe Software when I am working on digital art that involves with vector art. Adobe illustrator can be used for typography projects. Projects that have to do with typefaces or type deign. It can also be used for logo design. Design logos with vector art and having free control of the shapes you are working with. Illustrator can also be used for digital art.

  13. Emmanuel Mena

    One of the main reasons why I would choose Illustrator over other editing software is because there I can play with shapes and forms without losing any pixel quality. aside from that I can also manipulate text however I want and be able to make it look how I want. Another thing I like is that you can create patterns with a few clicks and use it as your background. I can also create cool-looking things with image traces, like tracing an image and being able to change the colors of it is pretty cool. Illustrator overall gives a very unique control over the things you can make, transform, and create in one place.

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