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11 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to a question posted. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

What is the value of creating an Art Brush?

Question 02 –

How and why would you save a Graphic Style?


  1. Kenneth Li

    Question 01 –

    What is the value of creating an Art Brush?

    Art brush lets you save on time, especially on the copying of patterns because it can turn those into a brush and all you then need to do is paint with the pattern.

    Question 02 –

    How and why would you save a Graphic Style?

    Saving a graphic style lets you use it later on in the project or in different projects. This lets you save massive amounts of time because you don’t need to keep doing the same graphic style on different objects. All you need to do is click and badabing. You are done.

    To save a graphic style you; window -> graphic styles -> three lines -> save graphic styles -> drag and drop in.

  2. Jennifer Uzhca

    1. An Art Brush has a lot of value because it can help someone save a lot of time. With this brush, you are able to save patterns. An example would be the use of it in the Candy Cane lab. To create the candy cane, I remember I saved time by being able to save the pattern for the cane and create it in different colors. I created two version, one with a background and one without.
    2. To save a graphic style, you create the pattern you want to use. After working on the pattern, you group all of the things together. You then go to the brush tool and press ‘add new brush.’ You can rename the brush to however you’d like. You can save one without a background and one with a background just incase you would want to change the color.
  3. Chailin Wu

    Question 01 –

    What is the value of creating an Art Brush?

    The value of creating an art brush is to shorten the time to create a vector art. When the brush is saved, you can use the brush to create drawings without having to redo the whole process of the pattern to the end.

    Question 02 –

    How and why would you save a Graphic Style?

    You save a graphic style by selecting the candy cane pattern from class, and drag the pattern to create a new style on brush

  4. Ashley Lopez

    The value of creating an Art Brush allows you to create your own unique brush or edit default ones already provided. You are able to create new brushes differentiating in strokes, designs, textures etc. Saving these unique brushes allows you to save some time when needing them for future files because you wont have to recreate them.

    To save a graphic style go to the top to Window then Graphic Styles to open the Graphic Styles panel. Select whatever you want to change and hit the plus button to create a new style. It is now available to use whenever and it is also saving you time.

  5. Hayden

    Question 01 –

    What is the value of creating an Art Brush?

    The value of art brushes lies in the rational use of brushes for painting and changing the strokes of graphics, and you can also create a brush of your own. The existence of brushes has helped many illustrators to change the shape of their strokes in various graphics, and most of the graphics you can see have nice textures and patterns that are done with art brushes. Most designers will create a new brush and save it in the art brush toolbar, so that you can use the same brush repeatedly in the future. 

    Question 02 –

    How and why would you save a Graphic Style?

    The usefulness of graphic styles is that they can be kept in inventory for later use when we create different graphics. In this way, we do not have to create the same graphics repeatedly, which takes less time to complete. You only need to save in the inventory to find it can be used normally. 

    So how do I save the graphic style? We can open the panel menu by selecting “Graphic Styles” from the “Window” option at the top. When this is done, a Menu panel will be displayed, and in the bottom left of the panel you will see an icon that looks like a bookcase, which is called “Graphic Styles Libraries Menu”. The first option after clicking is “Save Graphic Styles”. Drag the graphic style you want or have created into the menu panel and click to save it in your folder for later use. 

  6. Alexis Reid

    Question 01 –

    What is the value of creating an Art Brush?

    Creating an art brush allows you to create custom brushes with unique shapes, patterns, or designs.  They help you to maintain consistency in stroke style and appearance throughout your illustration or project. This is helpful for creating repeating patterns or design elements. They also save a lot of time because they are quickly accessible. You can also adjust their size, shape, or other attributes even after they’ve been applied to a path. This makes it easier to try new things and revise your designs. 

    Question 02 –

    How and why would you save a Graphic Style?

    Saving a Graphic Style is practical and time-saving. First you should design or select the object to which you want to apply a graphic style. Next you adjust the appearance of the selected object using stroke, fill, effects, etc. Next, go to “Window” > “Graphic Styles” to open the Graphic Styles panel. With the object selected, click the “New Graphic Style” icon at the bottom of the Graphic Styles panel. This saves the current appearance settings as a Graphic Style. A good reason why you should save a graphic style is to ensure consistency in your design by allowing you to apply the same appearance settings to multiple objects. Also, once you’ve defined a style for a particular element, you can easily apply it to other objects with a click. 

  7. Bonnie yang

    What is the value of creating an Art Brush?

    The value of creating an Art Brush lies in the ability to customize existing brushes or craft entirely new ones. With just a few clicks, you can generate unique patterns and textures. Additionally, this process allows for time savings; instead of manually drawing repetitive patterns, you can create an art brush and effortlessly apply patterns to the artboard.

    Question 02 –

    How and why would you save a Graphic Style?

    To save a graphic style, first, go to Window > Graphic Styles to open the Graphic Styles panel. Then, select the text or object you want to modify. Click on the “+” icon to create a new graphic style. Now, you have a style that you can reuse in any document, promoting efficiency and consistency. This approach not only saves time but also ensures a cohesive visual style across various elements in your design.

  8. Muhammad Amin Uddin

    Answer 1:

    Creating an Art Brush in Illustrator is like adding to your custom-made design wardrobe. It’s not just about lines and colors, It’s the tool that allows you to break free from the standard strokes and create your own artwork. You can add patterns, textures, and transform lines that make your work stand out

    Answer 2:

    To save a graphic style go to the Window >Graphic Styles, and the panel will appear then select the object, click the “New Graphic Style” icon in the Graphic Styles panel, and your style is saved.

    Saving a Graphic Style in Illustrator is like bookmarking your design. It creates a consistent look throughout your project. You can apply the style with a click, maintaining a consistent design. It’s also a major time-saver. Instead of manually recreating a style for each element, you can apply the saved Graphic Style.

    • Stephanie Erazo

      Hi Muhammad,

      I agree that the Art Brush allows the user to create their own patterns and textures, and it serves as a library to store all of their patterns.

  9. Stephanie Erazo

    Designers and artists can benefit greatly from creating Art Brushes in Adobe Illustrator. Art Brushes allow for customization of brush strokes with unique patterns and textures, making design work more consistent and efficient. These versatile brushes can be applied to various paths and shapes, making them a dynamic tool for achieving a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Art Brushes can scale to any size and mimic real-world textures, adding a touch of realism to digital artwork. Additionally, they make updating designs a breeze, as changes can quickly be applied throughout the project. Overall, Art Brushes are a powerful, efficient, and effective way for artists to express their unique style while streamlining the design process.

    How to Save a Graphic Style:

    1. Create the Style: Apply the desired appearance attributes (such as stroke, fill, and effects) to an object or text.
    2. Open Graphic Styles Panel: Go to the “Window” menu and select “Graphic Styles” to open the Graphic Styles panel.
    3. Add the Style: With the styled object selected, click the “New Graphic Style” button in the Graphic Styles panel. This captures the appearance attributes of the selected object.

    In Adobe Illustrator, saving a Graphic Style is a crucial step to ensure consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in design. It helps to maintain a uniform appearance across all your artwork by allowing you to apply the same style to multiple objects easily. This leads to faster workflow, especially when dealing with complex designs, and enables quick updates. Any modification to the Graphic Style automatically updates all related objects, saving time and effort. Graphic Styles are an essential part of design systems, as they encapsulate visual elements and help to maintain established guidelines. Saved Graphic Styles make sharing elements in collaborations or across projects easier, enabling quick global adjustments when design requirements change.

    • Bonnie yang

      Hi Stephanie, I like how you mentioned the ability to make quick changes and have it applied throughout the project.

  10. Edd Mendez

    1. The value of creating an art brush lets you paint and draw on the canvas or a layer, also you can apply brush strokes to existing paths, or you can use the paintbrush tool to draw a path and apply a brush stroke simultaneously. Furthermore there are different types of paint brush: calligraphic brushes, scatter brushes, art Brushes, bristle brushes, and pattern brushes. For those different brushes that show what those look like.

    2. To use and save the graphic design style, first I created the Candy  Cane design, first I made the rectangle without stroke, and turned it into a round corner. Then I made the small red square, but without stroke,and made multiple but I made them a little bit right rotate. Then I click both of them, and I click pathfinder, and I select Unite them, and combine them together between White rectangle and multiple red squares.  Finally go to the selection tool and drag on the candy cane, then click on brushes, and click on the new brush, and select the art brush, and rename the candy cane, and click on okay. Moreover, the reason why I would save a Graphic style is because, I want to design it with my own paint brush style, like drawing candy cane and lollipop. Also I have to add it in brushes, so it won’t lose it, or forget it.

    • Alexis Reid

      Hi Edd,

      I appreciate all the detail you used in your post about creating the candy cane. It was very helpful.

    • Hayden

      Hello Edd, I agree with what you said about the different types of brushes, which can be used to change the appearance of graphic strokes as well as art brushes. Thank you for sharing how you can use candy cane patterns as examples to save in the Graphic style library. It helps a lot.

  11. Lloyd Matthews

    question 1- What is the value of creating an art brush?

    answer: the value of creating an art brush is to allow you to paint on layers much like a paint brush. you will also have different settings to choose from which will help you to customize it for different situations. for example, I use it in class to make a candy cane.

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