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07 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to two questions posted. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

What is the value of creating layers in Illustrator?

Question 02 –

Describe how to close triangle shapes in the self-portrait.


  1. Kenneth Li

    Question 01 –

    What is the value of creating layers in Illustrator?

    Layers in illustrator and layers in photoshop are completely different. The latter is the canvas in which you draw on but in illustrator, layers are essentially folders. That makes them as useful as folders in photoshop. They contain all your objects for ease of use and can also have styles applied to them.

    Question 02 –

    Describe how to close triangle shapes in the self-portrait.

    Using the pen tool to create straight lines. Clicking back at your original point will create a closed shape. So make three points and end it on your original point will give you a closed triangle.

  2. Jennifer Uzhca

    1. Creating layers on Illustrator is very helpful because it can help organize the different parts in the documents. It can also help you prevent from accidentally deleting the wrong shape. You can also lock certain shapes or designs to stop the from moving around and rename layers to not confuse things around.
    2. To close triangle shapes in the self-portrait, you use the pen tool to create three points. When you see the circle shape, it means that the triangle was closed. Another way to check is by going to View and then to View Outline.
  3. Chailin Wu

    Layers help divide sections in illustrator or any art on adobe. When you lock in the layers, selecting certain images or lines wont affect the locked in layers. Selecting different layers help organize and divide the sections better

    To close triangles, you have the connect the point back to the starting point. This closes the triangle so that you can fill the triangle with color

  4. Ashley Lopez

    The value of creating layers in Illustrator is to help organize your work. It’s easy to use and helps when needing to edit things. You can have everything separated into categories and when stacking things you can lock bottom layers to not accidentally move or edit them.

    To create closed triangle shapes we used the pen tool and connected all the points. You will not be able to create another triangle without ensuring the first one is closed. You can do so by going to the top hitting View” menu and select “view outline” it will show the entire outline with just the pen tool strokes.

  5. Emmanuel Mena

    Question 01 –

    Creating layers in Illustrator is like having a stack of transparent sheets; you can draw on one without disturbing the artwork below, offering unmatched organization and flexibility. You can lock layers to avoid accidental edits or hide them to focus on specific elements. It’s essential for complex designs, allowing you to segment different components, experiment with placement, and manage intricate details with ease, which is a game-changer for any designer’s workflow.

    Question 02 –

    To close triangle shapes in a self-portrait, you would first draw the three sides using a tool like the Pen or Line Segment tool. After plotting the three points of your triangle, you can close the shape by returning to the starting point, and completing the circuit. This action solidifies the triangle, transitioning it from independent lines to a singular, cohesive shape, ready to be filled or stylized as part of your portrait’s composition.

  6. Hayden

    Question 01 – What is the value of creating layers in Illustrator?

    The point of creating layers is that when using paintings and photos as illustrations, layers are a wonderful way to distinguish between painting parts and layering them when creating. Especially in the case of tedious and repetitive steps, you can create a new layer and name the part of the area. The lock layer option will help you not to edit and modify the same layer repeatedly. If you have been doing tedious work in a layer, then when you fill and color the drawing part, there is no way to choose the large area you want to fill and color, so the value of the layer is to distinguish the photo part and the traced part of the area to fill and modify. 

    Question 02 – Describe how to close triangle shapes in the self-portrait.

    Open Adobe Illustrator, select the Pen Tool on the left side of the toolbar, and try to draw a triangle using the Pen Tool. Whenever a point is connected, the most important part is to connect the point where the first point was drawn to the point where the last stroke was drawn, so that the triangle is closed. Unlike the polygon tool, each point of the Pen Tool is connected, and if you do not connect the first point to the last point, there is no way to color the triangle when filling it or selecting all the options. 

  7. Sherie Henriquez

    1. Creating different layers has a lot of benefits, when working on either in illustration, or different graphics. By creating different layers, you keep your work organized, you save time and you can select a layer with either a shape or a line by itself without selecting the rest of the work. Another thing you can do is lock a layer (let’s call it layer 1) with either a shape or an image, and work on other layers without touching layer 1. Or you can also use the eye icon and turn that layer on and off if you want a certain work turned off temporarily while focusing on other work inside other layers.
    2. Using the triangle shape when doing a self portrait can be tricky but also easy. When using the pen tool to create a triangle shape, to close the shape you need to make sure you touch your last anchor point with the first anchor point, that way the shape will be closed. You can also hold shift while creating this shape to have a more rect and perfect line or shape.
  8. Muhammad Amin Uddin


    Creating layers in Illustrator keeps the art organized. it helps you manage your work better, you can put different parts of your design on separate sheets making it easier to edit and control your artwork. also, you can show or hide layers as needed.


    To close a triangle shape using the Pen tool in Illustrator,First make sure you’ve got the Pen tool selected. Click once to set the starting point for your triangle. then, click where you want the second point to be. For the third point, click again while holding down the Shift key. this keeps your lines straight, and a circular symbol appears when the shape is closed.

  9. Elvis Gordillo


    The value of creating layers in Illustrator is organization. The layers panel helps you keep your work organized by naming them. Naming your layers is key to knowing which layer you are working with instead of it being just named as “Path”. It will also be helpful when you are working with a team. Named layers help your team know which layers are which and they can get up to speed with the work. 


    Closing triangles in self-portraits is by making sure that each path is connected. To close a triangle in a self-portrait by drawing your lines with the pen tool on your image. Make sure you connect each path with its anchors. To close a triangle you will connect your last path to the path you started with. A circular symbol will appear when both paths are connecting, closing your triangle. 

  10. antigonebuzhala

    1. Creating layers in illustrator helps in organising designs, allowing us to group related items together and keep the artwork more manageable. It enables to work more efficiently and makes changes quickly. It also reduces the risk of unintentional changes and helps on focusing on specific components at a time. Use of layers also helps on maintaining a clear visual hierarchy.
    2. To close triangle shapes in the self-portrait first we have to get the pen tool. With the pen tool we have to connect all the points of triangle together. To start a new triangle we hold shift and click with the pen tool.
    • Elvis Gordillo

      I agree, creating layers definitely helps with organization and visual hierarchy.

    • Hayden

      Hello Antigonebuzhala, thank you for mentioning an important point. To create another triangle next to the same area in the self-portrait, you need to hold down Shift to start a new triangle drawing. This is very important.

  11. Stephanie Erazo

    1. Creating layers in Adobe Illustrator is like organizing your artwork into different sections. It’s like putting related objects on separate sheets of transparent paper. This helps keep your design tidy, lets you work on one part at a time, and decides which parts appear in front of others. It’s a handy way to be efficient and flexible when designing, and it’s beneficial for printing or exporting your work.
    2. In order to create closed triangle shapes using the pen tool, it is necessary to connect all the points. Observing the circle icon when hovering over the last point can confirm whether the shape is closed. Another way to ensure the closure of the shape is to navigate to the “View” menu and select “view outline.”
    • antigonebuzhala

      Hi Stephanie, I agree with what you said. Using layers in illustrator it really makes the work easier and also allows us to make changes quicker if we need.

  12. Edd Mendez

    1. the value of creating layers in Illustrator is allow you to move edit, hide, lock, and work with content on one layer without affecting content on others layers, or the easy way select, hide, lock, and change the appearance attributes of artwork.
    2. To describe of close triangle shapes in the self-portrait, is by using a pen tool to draw of triangle, but with smaller, but make sure to be perfect it on the portrait, like sort of puzzles. So first, put the portrait in the illustrator, and make the portrait’s opacity into 50% percent, so it can see clear. Then, draw some triangles on the portraits.
    • Bonnie yang

      Hi Edd, I agree with you with layers we can work on one layer without affecting the others.

  13. Bonnie yang

    What is the value of creating layers in Illustrator?

    The value of creating layers in Illustrator is to stay organized by naming the layers and it makes it easier to find. You can also edit the layer and make changes without touching everything. You can toggle the eye icon to hide the layers as well and lock it.


    Describe how to close triangle shapes in the self-portrait.

    To close triangle shapes you have to connect the points together with the pen tool. You will know when it’s closed by the circle icon when you hover over the last point. To find out if you have indeed closed the shape you can go to View>view outline as well.

    • Stephanie Erazo

      Hi Bonnie, 

      I can’t imagine using Procreate without layers. It’s similar to Illustrator, where you can easily create, organize, and edit multiple layers, making the design process more efficient and flexible.

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