Leap Motion + Linux

Gabby (in Studio Blue [↓]) Remy, Xuemin

Ok! So, no post from last week because we were too aggravated and ashamed to write about how we growled and kicked at it for hours, got it to work once and then broke it immediately afterwards to write anything, so today we’re starting over and thus far we have good things!

We took Ishik’s recipe from here and inserted the full file path of the needed Leap SDK files (Leap.i) and ran the conda build leapmotion-blender command. This gets us through the hurdle of Leap.i not being found, and it allows us to step forward with the next command: the g++ stuff.

We’re now having trouble where G++ can’t find Python.h. We tried to remedy this by installing python-dev, which includes this, however g++ can’t find it. Until next time!

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