All’s working!

Baker, Gabby, Ishik, Remy, Xuemin (maybe I’ll reorder by alphabet of last name later, or name length, this is distracting MOVINGON:D)

So we figured out how to symlink in Linux, my brain was just fried and thinking backwards about the order of directories. We’ve also figured to use the -p flag when making our directories, that way it doesn’t throw an error and halt, and it makes the remaining non-existing folders.

So linux is fully operational! This should in theory be the same for Mac OS X because we’re using standard UNIX commands.

Now we’re figuring how to actually get Blender to recognize Curveship. We’re in the scripts/addons/modules folder, and there has to be a .py file there to be recognized. Putting works (to the extent that it’s 2.7 running in 3.3 and crashes) so we know that our install is ok. However, it wont work because we’re removing it from the curveship folder, therefore we aren’t actually getting any of our important files for it to be working with. So we’re now making a script for Blender to import Curveship from its proper directory from, which will work across Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux (screw alphabetical order).

To be continued 😀 (3:41, we aint done)(hey that rhymes)

And everyone was thrilled about the error message 😀

lolwedidn’tneedsymlinks. We just had to get rid of the . from curveship5.0 because python was like “haha .0 is a directory right? nah it no exist !@#$ you what you tryin to make me do”

and now import curveship5 works WOOHOO YAY :D2wt 4r t598[y3q581yv[-

(remember this for later:

We’ve now successfully tested on Windows and Linux. Both work repeatedly!

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