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Baker, Remy, Xuemin

Things to do: get Curveship to work independently of user directory

write down the schedule of everyone

figure out something else to do 😀

Get Curveship to go into the Blender Scripts directory

About 4 minutes later:

Ok so we got Curveship to work independently of what user you are! We found that Conda runs its test from the directory Anaconda3/conda-bld/test-tmp_dir, and the package builds/installs to Anaconda3/conda-bld/work. So instead of hard coding our install directory from our root path, we just typed in:

– cd ..\work\nickmontfort-curveship-814de6e
– python fiction\ –auto walk\adventure_win.txt


So to get into the Blender Scripts directory, we need to know which OS we’re on. Awesomely, and somewhat hiddenly, you do this in the meta.yaml file by specifying your OS at the end of each line in square brackets [] so it looks like:

“Windows comand jarblyawrbleablaah [win]”

“Linux command penguinsonice [linux]”

“Apple command grannysmithsaredelicious [osx]”

and it’ll only run the one which matches your OS. Sweet!

We’ve one last thing to fix, and that’s changing the build directory to send it straight to Blender’s script path. I’ve set the set the CONDA_BLD_PATH variable in our bld.bat script, however this doesn’t seem to be working. Setting this in the command prompt before running the script also doesn’t result in Curveship building into the directory I specify.

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