Professional Development

5Professional Development for Adjunct Faculty Spring 2016:
Computing in the Classroom Professional Development for Adjunct Faculty

Learn about strategies, pedagogies, and technologies that will enhance students’ computing skills in the classroom. Here are the professors’ presentation of the outcomes when they implement a new strategy in a course.

Year 1 participants and projects:

Prof. Lori Younge – Experience Implementing Think-Pair-Share in a College Algebra and Trigonometry course

Prof. Rita Nae – Mind Mapping

Prof. Nithya Natarajan – Set up a clear expectation from students and implement group presentation for every chapter

Prof. Mohamed Ahmed – Using Question-Centered instead of Answer-Centered Exercise

Prof. Alexandre Barbier – From Analog to Digital

Prof. See Hong Chiu – Introduce a female scientist at the beginning of each class

Prof. George K Venedikian – 4K resolutions TV

Prof. Mustapha Nadmi – Metacognition and its effects on teaching and learning of mathematics

Prof. Michael Levy – Augusta Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace

Prof. Andrea Lawrence – What it is like to be a girl who codes

Prof. Danielle Safonte – Women in technology

Prof. Oluwafemi Adeosun – An empirical pedagogy methodology

Prof. Pedro Mujica – FUN for unique kNowledge

Prof. Michael Deredita – Learning about Pioneers who broke Social Perceptions in Computer Science and Mathematics


Year 2 participants and projects:

Prof. Lucie Mingla – Incorporating technology in interactive computational activities and writing in mathematics

Prof. Lutfun Rahaman – Computing in the Classroom and Best Practices to Improve Gender Diversity Equality