Below is a list (with links to the worksheets and code) of the modules created for MAT1275 – College Algebra and Trigonometry.

Module 1L – Properties of Integer Exponents

Module 2L – Rational Expressions, Complex Fractions, and Fractional Equations

Module 3L – Rational Exponents and Simplifying Radicals

Module 4L – Operations on Radicals and Solving Radicals

Module 5L – Complex Numbers

Module 6L – Quadratic Equations

Module 7L – Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Circles Using Desmos

Module 8L – Hallway Dilemma

Module 9L – Radians, the Coordinate Plane and Unit Circles

Module 10L – Verifying Identities

Module 11L – Solving Trig Equations

Module 12L – System of Linear Equations in Physics

Module 13L – Properties of Logarithms