MAT1575 – Python

Below is a list (with links to the worksheets and code) of the modules created for MAT1575 – Calculus II. is a website that allows for the implementation of python scripts that can shared and tested online. We have an established account (nycctmath) to share our own code. Make sure you register an account with so you can save a copy of the scripts you create using the course modules.

Module 0 – An introduction to and python.

Module 1 – A brief introduction to programming in python.

Module 2 – Computing the (signed) area under a linear function geometrically.

Module 3 – An algorithm for applying the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, part 2, to polynomials.

Module 4 – Improper integration estimates.

Module 5 – Graphing sequences and series using pyplot.

Module 6 – Comparing improper integrals and series.

Module 7 – Alternating Series.

Module 8 – Estimating function values using Taylor series.

Module 9 – An algorithm for computing Riemann sums.

Module 10 –  Riemann sums for volumes.

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