Summer Bridge Workshop

Interested in applying for the free summer bridge workshop August 8-12, 2016? Submit your application here (the application process is now closed).

This website is still under construction, but you can preview some of the technology that we will be using by following the links below.

Our current workshop agenda can be found here.

Day 1 Links is a website that allows for the implementation of python scripts that can shared and tested online. Python is an excellent choice for a beginning language. We have an established account (nycctmath) that can be used to share our own code with students.

App Inventor 2 allows for the creation of apps (using any modern browser) using blocks. This is similar to App Lab, but it creates native apps (only for Android).

App Lab allows for the creation of apps (using any modern browser) using blocks that can be translated to javascript code. Benefits of this method for creating apps is that it works on all devices and is highly customizable. The downside is that it creates a web app (with a unique hyperlink) and not a native app.

Twitter is a popular social app. We will use some special python modules to study the Twitter stream.

An activity introducing students to the concept of algorithms can be found here. Students can practice writing programs that other humans can follow. This activity only requires only graph paper to implement.

RoboDerby Express InstructionsRoboDerby Express Game BoardRoboDerby Express Player

Day 2 Links

The python library is a great resource to find information whenever you are stuck. The quick search tool if very useful.

Day 3 Links

Dictionary for cryptography.

Day 4 Links

Birth data set.

An interesting scientific paper on PINs.

I Quant NY is a blog that analysis publicly available data in NYC. Many of the posts are interesting and show how data can drive policy. You might find this post on MTA cards particularly useful.

Some useful bits of code/information: