Blog Post 9

As this semester draws to an end so does the work at my internship. Most of the smaller projects have been put to bed, and this week BWRC Breakfast Talk, and Scholars Exchange joined their ranks. The final poster for these events were laid out and sent to my clients. I got a response from BWRC pretty quickly. They requested minor changes which I made, then the poster was sent to be printed.

Scholars Exchange, however, was a bit more up in the air. There was a little trouble finding an image of the speaker to use on the poster. The image she sent me to use was not good print quality so it couldn’t be used. I took too long to let her know that, and when I eventually did she was out of town so we couldn’t get her into the office to take one ourselves. So I was sort of scrambling to find a usable photo for her poster. Luckily she sent me another photo that was good quality, so I was able to finish the poster and get it printed.

And now that these projects are finished I can focus all my efforts on the Science Fiction Symposium.