Blog Post 8

Things at my internship have not changed much since my last post. I have been focused on getting my smaller projects done in a timely fashion so I can concentrate on the Science Fiction Symposium poster. I was a challenge coming up with concepts for the event, but after a long week of racking my brain I finally found a couple I felt was good enough to email to my client. I got his response today; he likes my concepts and wants to move for with a few variations. I am going to send him another pencil sketch, though, so the design can be finalized before I move to the computer.

In addition to that I have to think deeply about what I’m going to get my Secret Santa at our offices annual Holiday Party. We throw one every year as a way to thank all the people in our office for all the hard work they’ve done all year, and it always a lot of fun. But gift shopping is going to have to wait, because there is work to be done.