Depth of Meaning

1. Perception

Ad depends solely on visuals to grab the viewer’s attention. Imagery is complex and interesting.

2. Sensation

Ad has a life-like quality to it. It feels like I can reach and touch shoe-bottom London.

3. Emotion

Ad is appealing to the emotions of the viewer with everything from the imagery to the copy.

4. Intellect

Ad is clever is it’s subtle delivery of its message—we can make your yellow teeth white, just like we made this rubber duck white.

5. Identification

Ad depends on the identification of the poppy flower and its connection to the armed forces for it to work.

6. Reverberation

Ad is selling you on art by using a famous work that most people will recognize and I agree is an example of good art.

7. Spirituality

Ad is actively challenging viewers to be more active in helping others. It does this very well through the visuals.