Reflection 3

When you think of a design firm or ad agency I’m sure it’s clear that they have designers working there. And along with those designers there are people in legal, HR and of course a boss to sign the checks. Well, this week I found out that there are different non-design roles within the design teams at these companies. There are strategist, content developer, production managers, etc. These people work hand in hand with designers to bring projects to fruition and some of the people even start out as designer themselves. I glad for this information, because it’s good to know that there even more career opportunities for us designers out there.

Even more good news; I got introduced to a new designer this week. Her name is Marian Bantjes. We watched her TED Talk, “Intricate Beauty by Design”, in class and I was blown away. She does a kind of “fine art design”, which is strange in the most amazing way. She inserts art into the world by the way of design; breaking a whole host of design rules in process, but the end results are stunning. I am now inspired to be an artist.