Blog Post 5

Since my last post I have been working on the Black Solidarity Day poster. I created two concepts and sent it to my client. She presented it to her colleagues in a meeting. They loved both concepts, but had no problem choosing a favorite. So now, with a concept chosen, I move to the computer. And I better move fast, because I only have until October 19th to finish completely finish this project. That’s a lot less time than I thought I would have, and I this is not the only thing I’m working on. The semester poster for Scholars Exchange needed a quick revision, but I’ve already taken care of that. My Partner and I finished the first piece of work for the Women in STEM project; that took up a good amount of time. So I wasn’t able to get to the Black Solidarity Day poster until Monday night. Luckily everything came together fluidly, so I got pretty far into the design in a relatively short time. I will try and finish it today so I can send the draft to be approved.