Blog Post 7

Last Wednesday I had my meeting with my client to discuss City Tech’s 2nd annual Science Fiction Symposium. Last year, to launch the symposium, I created a poster for them and this year I have been tasked to do the same. My client and I had a good meeting; we discussed the themes for this year’s event, looked at some inspiration, and talked a little Star Trek. Now its time for me to start developing my concepts. My client was very good in giving clear idea of where he wants to go, so I have good starting point, but coming up with a fun and smart concept is still difficult. And this years there is added pressure, because the keynote speaker at the symposium is famed science fiction writer Samuel R. Delany. But I’m confident that I will do great.

Last year’s poster:

At my internship, we just had our mid-semester reflection. This where write a blog about our experiences so far in the semester, and what we hope to accomplish by the end. The reflection is accompanied by a meeting with our supervisor, which I had yesterday. It was a short meeting, but it was good. We spoke about my time management struggles, my current projects and about my plans for senior project. After speaker with her my goals felt more doable.

Link – Mid-Semester Reflection:

Mid-Semester Reflection