Blog Post 2

This week’s class was all about how to get an internship, and how to present ourselves as applicants. We started off by reviewing resumes, and then discussing how to make them more appealing to employers. The major point taken away from that discussion is that when creating a resume for a designer that resume must be well designed. You need consistency, balance and plenty of negative space. The same goes for cover letter, and a portfolio, which is what we discussed next. We got some good advice for putting together a portfolio. One thing I learned that I did not know is your best work should be the first thing see and your second best work should be the last.

At my internship, things are starting to pick up. We are in the beginning stages of planning this semester’s Scholars Exchange talks. My partner and I have been asked to finish the Women in STEM campaign we started last semester. And I am getting the opportunity to work with a new client this semester that will give the chance to improve my illustration skills.