Reflection 2: What Kind of Graphic Designer Am I?

Marlon Palmer is a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Illustrator who uses those skills to express himself through design and art.

I first came in contact with Design in high school. Back then I didn’t know what Graphic Design was I was just making “cool” pictures to promote my music. What I did know is that I liked creating these designs, it was fun. So, when I was deciding what to study in college I was thrilled to find out that I could make designing my career.

Looking back at my earlier work it’s hard to say there was any particular style, because I had just started exploring the world of design. The only thing I can say about it with any confidence is that it was not very good. However, with further analysis I began to see some common themes, like the fact that I really enjoyed working with type, color, and shapes.

Naturally, when I entered college that’s where I started to develop as a designer and found my design sense. That is also where I got introduced to photography and illustration, which I like to incorporate into my designs whenever I can. So what kind of Graphic Designer am I? As clichéd as it might sound, as a designer I value simplicity. My goal every time I design is to make my work appealing as possible using as few elements as possible. I don’t like my work to look crowded. I need breathing room and I need structure, I rely heavily on the grid. As with my work before college I focus a lot on my typography and color.

In the future I hope that I can keep honing my skills as a designer. My ultimate goal is to be a freelance Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Illustrator. Before then I think I would like to work at an advertising agency in order to expand and refine my skill set. But wherever I end up, I know I’ll keep it simple.