Class Info

  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: This is an Asynchronous class meeting.


Networking–We discuss its importance almost every week–now it’s time to attend your second required Networking event for this class. Register and attend a virtual event and of course, blog about it and post that blog entry by next week’s zoom class.

Mid-semester grades are due October 29th so please be sure to have at least 8 blog posts unloaded to your ePortfolio site on OpenLab.


  • Attend a virtual Networking Event in line with your career interests from among those we discussed last class and ideas I posted on our home page.
  • Take notes during the event for your blog post about it
  • Research one company or speaker mentioned during the event and included that research in your blog post
  • This time around, you are a more experienced networker, so send a Linked invite to two speakers or attendees you met at the event.

Ideas for Networking Events

More events to come

To-Do After Class

• see homework Assignments/Week Eight