On week 14 and 15 we will have our final presentations. Presentations will be done via zoom to myself and your classmates. Your presentation should be no more than 7 minutes long and you should have no more than 15 slides. The slides should be well-designed with regard to readability of type and attractive selections of color and imagery. You should show the work you did at your internship as well as talk about it (unless you signed a non-disclosure agreement)

This is a good way for you to practice your presentation skills in preparation for interviews and client presentations.

Prepare and practice beforehand.

Below is the rubric for this presentation:

And here are models of past students who had strong presentations that met all expectations and exceeded many of the criteria in the rubric.

 Remember, all the information in the presentation does not have to be in the slide show. The slide show should support your overall oral presentation. Some of these have an explicit theme on the slides such as Mr. Patel’s Expect the Unexpected” or Qing’s Seize the Opportunity.  Qing’s text on the slides is bordering on poetic. But all these slide shows tell a strong visual story of their internship experience in the slide show itself, even without hearing their words to accompany the slides. I hope these are inspirational to you.

Nastasha Yee’s Presentation link is below-Ms. Yee’s slide show has links to her client work –this is a good technique if you are doing motion or animation:


Abundio Martinez





Also, the rubric is available for to you review below:


Best, T. Goetz