Due Date


To Do/Instructions

This week, we attended during our zoom meet the Nassau County Museum Exhibit Blue and also the Digital Museum at the Cooper Hewitt. During class, we each did a reflective piece of writing about one piece of art we viewed and then shared our responses. Now, I’d like you to take that initial writing on one artwork and expand it to a more detailed blog post. Please add a discussion of two other artworks to your original post. You should be sure to include the following in your post:

• an introduction to the exhibit/museum itself so that the artwork is placed into a context

• For each of the three artworks you select, be sure to include the name of the artist, the size of the piece, and the medium (oil painting on canvas, bronze sculpture, etc.). The subject should be discussed also–abstract or representational, etc.

• Color, type, texture, composition should all be discussed

• Discuss why you selected the piece and your response to it. It could be either a positive or negative response.

• You can also discuss how a virtual experience of an exhibit compared to visiting a museum in person and write about whether you felt the virtual tour was effective, providing a rationale for that opinion.

Below are some thoughtful field trip blog posts from previous students:


To Read



See the Art in the Partks site for art you can view outdoors in NYC parks while the museums are closed. Go to the ones you can walk to in your neighborhood.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improving your writing and networking skills
  • Improving your oral communication skills
  • If you are at an internship, applying your skills and learning new ones
  • Honing your research skills