Due Date


To Do/Instructions

We looked at Project management apps on our zoom meet this week and I also provided you during class with other resources/ideas for apps you might find useful. So, now you are to review 2 apps and post those 2 posts on your ePortfolio site. Your app review should contain images of the user interface or work you did with the app. Have fun with this assignment. The goal is to explore a new tool that you in an area you’d like to improve or get inspired by a tool you have not tried before. You will be learning new things throughout your career and so this will get your started in getting comfortable with that process.

Here is an excellent app review from previous students you can use as a model:.

• Don’t forget to connect on LinkedIn with your Work Colleagues and supervisors

To Read

Read the Free pages available on Amazon’s linked in feature of Mike Janda’s Book Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff They Don’t Teach You in Design School


Wired Magazine has a great section devoted to design that covers new apps and software.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improving your writing and networking skills
  • Improving your oral communication skills
  • If you are at an internship, applying your skills and learning new ones
  • Honing your research skills