Due Date


To Do/Instructions

• If you presented today, congratulations. Now your job is to help any classmates with final prep for their presentations next week. For those of you who did not present, continue practicing your talk.

• Make sure your Supervisor has your Evaluation and is signing it as it is the last date to submit it is next week

• Make sure your Supervisor has signed off on your final hours as your Time card is must be submitted to me by our last class, next week.

• Write a Thank you note to your internship Supervisor–see resources below

• Were it not for COVID, a little thoughtful small gift for your supervisor and/or colleagues can leave a lasting impression. During COVID, this is not possible. In other times, I’d suggest homemade cookies or some fresh fruit in a basket but instead you could send a little animation you’d created or a sketch you created related to your work there sent as a PDF. A short video or montage could be good as well with you thanking them in the video.

To Read

Read another of your classmate’s blogs before next week–a classmate who didn’t present and send them an email with positive comments


How to Write a Thank You note at the end of your internship:



Learning Outcomes

  • Crafting a thoughtful Thank You Note to Your Internship Supervisor
  • Honing your Presentation Skills