Due Date


To Do/Instructions

Now that we’ve discussed the presentation again in-depth and you have at least 8 intern blog posts written, you can being crafting your presentation. Look for a theme that runs through your blog posts about your experience at the internship site. Past themes from other students have been:

• The importance of File Management and Archiving

• How to Avoid Procrastination

• Managing the Unexpected Challenge

But those are just ones that emerged from that student’s particular experience. YOUR experience is unique so find a them that fits it and then have it run through your talk as a unifying idea as we discussed in class.

To Read

Review again the Presentation Section in your Business Etiquette Text.


And for a great talk on Talking to Strangers, watch this Ted Talk:

Learning Outcomes

  • Improving your writing and networking skills
  • Improving your oral communication skills
  • If you are at an internship, applying your skills and learning new ones
  • Honing your research skills