My goal has been to become a licensed architect after switching to the Architecture Program at City Tech. Becoming licensed not only allow you to call yourself an Architect but it also opens up so many possibilities that you can use your license for. But from what we’ve learned in this class, it’s a tedious and long process that not many people don’t know about or aren’t ready to undergo. We have also learned about the vast possibilities that don’t require you to become licensed. I believe its up to the person to decide what they want to focus on and if they do get licensed, how they plan on using their license. Once they find that answer they can decide. At the moment I want to become a license architect to have the freedom to one day open a firm and work on my own projects. Or be able to get a good position at a big firm. Also, the ARE requires a lot of studying so your knowledge of the profession will get better.

Bryan Gonzalez

Architect: Yes or No?

When I first started attending City Tech for Architecture I always thought I would graduate, get my masters and go straight for my License once I was qualified. I’m now in my senior year and I no longer feel the same. The process to get your license seems like a long journey and I don’t plan on owning my own firm, at least not anytime soon. I believe going for your license is a commitment and maybe later in the future I will try to obtain it. You also have to take into account all the hours you have to spend to get your license, nothing ever goes as planned because that’s just how life works and until I figure out exactly what I want to do within my field then I will not be focusing on the Architecture license. 

Architect: Yes or No?

Kevin Carrillo

I believe that this question generates a debate within those currently studying architecture. Personally, I would like to one day become a Registered Architect. I believe that obtaining this license will open more doors in the future. Although it’s time-consuming  I would like to one day see my hard work pay off. Becoming an RA would allow me to be more involved in the design process and eventually sign-off on projects. I believe that becoming an RA would be somewhat like a capstone to my education as it is my main goal and my main motivation in school. Achieving this license will allow me to work on my own and also start a firm if the opportunity shows up. Although it’s a dream to work at a major firm, I want to be able to do it as an Architect and lead people. obtaining this license would not only allow me to work as an architect but if ever needed a consultant as well.

The journey is not easy and I want to look back one day and say that it was worth it! I wouldn’t be at peace with myself knowing that I spent countless hours working on projects and to not go all out for the ARE. I know that there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done but my main focus on becoming a Registered Architect is still on sight. I like taking on new challenges in life and working in different projects will help me to further expand my knowledge of the different aspects of Architecture. In this area of study, one can never stop learning and that also motivates me to keep moving forward.  With these thoughts in mind, I will continue to learn and strive towards reaching my goal of becoming an Architect in New York!

Architectural License

Devan Ramcharan

Starting my senior year i have met a lot of people in school and out of school and talking to them about the future of my career has brought me to a decision to not aim for the architectural license. Although it was be a great tool to have, I have began realizing that making a move to the construction side of the job would be more beneficial for me. I would love designing residential housing and complexes on my own but that will come with time and experience. By working on getting a masters in Construction Management and getting a internship, it may still count towards the experience i need to get my license later on while I work my way up in the construction field. The goal is not to become a RA but to become to owner of my own construction company or a project manager for multiple buildings. Becoming a RA is a long term goal of mine once I get enough experience in the field and make a steady living then I can focus on getting the license after and hopefully start a firm while having my own construction company to do the work.

Assignment 2-Francis Kwok

Francis Kwok
Arch 4861- Professional Practice
February 12, 2019

Never have I thought about becoming a license Architect until after freshmen year of college. This road will lead me to many more opportunities. I want to open up my own firm one day and design what I want the future to be. Being known in the industry in which people validate what I have worked so hard for is something I truly desire. Yes, there are many obstacles in my way but it still leads me one way or another to become a license Architect. Working in the office isn’t the only thing I desire as I am an hands on person so learning the construction side of things is a great opportunity to connect with many more people and can help me take another big step in my career. It is a lot of responsibility and hard work to become a license Architect but I will take on this hard obstacle to achieve what I want and what makes my family proud. You know what they say, “Dream big or go home.”

License Architect: Yes or No?

After discovering how many years it will take to become a license architect , I believe it still worth it. Might take a while and its a huge risk, but having the perks after becoming a license architect, is an accomplishment. Not only will I get to hold the title of being an architect but, I will feel more involve with the changes of architecture. Designing buildings, owing a firm, the value of just being a license architect is the same value as someone being a doctor, a lawyer, scientist, etc. In my option, it’s an enjoyable career. However, getting there will take devotion as well, a balance between life and work.

Architecture license Yes or No

The question of whether or not it’s worth becoming a licensed  architect often comes up. There always a few people that say it isn’t worth the time and effort to become licensed. However I believe that it is worth getting  licensed. Getting licensed means that you can legally call yourself an architect and you can and you can sign off drawing you typically can’t of your not licensed. Another advantage is that licensed architects can become principal architects and open their own firms. Opening a firm is something I want to do in the long run of my career.


Yocelyne Portillo


Profesional Practice

Professor Mashara


     In my opinion becoming a licensed architect would be very beneficial. Although, I am still debating on working to open my own firm, I think if I had the opportunity to open it I would. By having my license not only will I be prepared for this possibility but also it can bring many advantages. Achieving to be a registered architect would be a great accomplishment and one of my goals to be complete. As a registered architect, I’d have the opportunity to be more involved in design work. It would also be a sense of respect, not to feel superior to others but so others don’t feel superior to me for not being licensed. Being a woman architect will be hard enough but having a better title could help me and boost my image with others. I’m not keen on having to take so many e long exams but the idea of being able to have my license would be worth it. In some situations, a registered architect is paid more and have a higher status in a firm. I could become a principal architect and be could have more chances of being able to design and supervise the design and development of a building. This can all be harder job but I don’t want to give up without trying.

Architecture license Yes or No

As of now , I do want to become a license Architect. I want to be able to have my own firm and  design my own drawings when it comes to working with clients. I feel like Architecture is a competitive career and by becoming a license architect , it will open more doors for me  when applying for jobs or when starting my own firm. I will also like to learned the construction  side within this career. I am the type of person that likes learning how everything is put together from drawing on a piece of paper to on -site work .The reason why there is a small doubt in my answer is because what if, while I am working on my hours towards my license I find something that interest me and will led me in a different path inside this field that doesn’t require a license. Who knows, but my main focus now is working towards my license.