My goal has been to become a licensed architect after switching to the Architecture Program at City Tech. Becoming licensed not only allow you to call yourself an Architect but it also opens up so many possibilities that you can use your license for. But from what we’ve learned in this class, it’s a tedious and long process that not many people don’t know about or aren’t ready to undergo. We have also learned about the vast possibilities that don’t require you to become licensed. I believe its up to the person to decide what they want to focus on and if they do get licensed, how they plan on using their license. Once they find that answer they can decide. At the moment I want to become a license architect to have the freedom to one day open a firm and work on my own projects. Or be able to get a good position at a big firm. Also, the ARE requires a lot of studying so your knowledge of the profession will get better.

Bryan Gonzalez

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