Dream Job

During my search for colleges and all the various fields of study available, Engineering, Architecture, and Graphic Design were the three that I found interest in the most. Growing up, I really liked practicing Math and Art. During elementary school I was a part of the Art Club. In middle school I took a math regents examination, I would do art for the school’s newspaper and was apart of the selected few that got to work with an art teacher, to get a portfolio to get into a high school with an art program, but I never bothered to apply. For High School I went to Murrow one of the few schools with an a really good art, theater, and music program and although I wasn’t apart of the art program, an art teacher who knew me well let me take extra art classes like fashion design, sculpting, knitting, and fine arts. Although I loved and was exposed to Art and Math my whole life it wasn’t something I wanted to do as a career. When I got accepted into City Tech, I originally applied for the Civil Engineering program. As I came in to do my schedule, I decided I didn’t want to do civil engineering and instead I wanted to become an Architect. It was a mix of everything I wanted to do.  As the quote by Matthew Fredrick state, “An architect knows something about everything. An engineer knows everything about one thing.”

This semester has made me uncertain of what I want my  job to be. From this class, Professional Practice, which has showed me all the career options available and steps to get licensed. The LIB Learning Places class that has taught a lot about the drastic changes going on in the urban environment, our own city. Those two classes have made me look at different career options related to the field. But at the moment my dream job is to work at a firm and gain experience to become a licensed architect and focus on designing for the urban environment of the future.

Bryan Gonzalez


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