Architecture license Yes or No

As of now , I do want to become a license Architect. I want to be able to have my own firm and  design my own drawings when it comes to working with clients. I feel like Architecture is a competitive career and by becoming a license architect , it will open more doors for me  when applying for jobs or when starting my own firm. I will also like to learned the construction  side within this career. I am the type of person that likes learning how everything is put together from drawing on a piece of paper to on -site work .The reason why there is a small doubt in my answer is because what if, while I am working on my hours towards my license I find something that interest me and will led me in a different path inside this field that doesn’t require a license. Who knows, but my main focus now is working towards my license.

One thought on “Architecture license Yes or No”

  1. I agree with you when you say that you like learning how everything is put together which is why I decided to switch to the construction side because you get to work with the architects and see the drawings and also be able to put everything together or you can see the drawings and say if the drawings are accurate or not. There will be different opportunities for jobs that do not require licenses in architecture but that will be your option to choose what path you want to go at that time. If you decide to become a licensed architect but then you get a opportunity doing construction offering more money it comes down to money or enjoyment.

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