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Growing up in a family that has a lot of background in different fields, Architecture has caught my attention the most. I have family that does Electrical, Hvac, carpentry, plumbing, and elevator mechanics. My dad has successfully learned and is able to understand the basics in all these different trades, which has slowly been passed down to me through the years. Having watched my dad build and remodel houses or even work on our home I started becoming more interested in how he is doing it. The more I became curious in High school the more I wanted to learn when I got to college which is why I started architecture and it has taught me a lot.

For my dream job I would love to be either a construction manager or a project manager. When I first started college I was set on graduating and being a designer with my own firm, but the more I grew and learned about the field, I learned that becoming an R.A. is not everything. I decided to look into other options in the same trade and I found out about construction management. Construction Management is my dream job by being able to run jobs and eventually own my own construction company. Having a Architecture degree will help me in the future goal by giving me a strong understanding of what is needed to have a successful structure. By understanding the basics of everyone’s jobs i would be able to communicate and come up with solutions that will make the projects more efficient and save money. I can use my experience and education to help out in whatever way I can to make the projects easier for everyone. Owning my own construction company in NYC is the goal and I will strive to learn as much as I can in every field as my dad did and be able to run my company confident.

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  1. I relate to this too, my family has backgrounds as contractors of different trades. Shoot high for a construction manager or a general contractor. You have connections with different fields, use that to you advantage and keep aspects of construction in house for higher profits and more competitive bids!

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