Dream Job

During my search for colleges and all the various fields of study available, Engineering, Architecture, and Graphic Design were the three that I found interest in the most. Growing up, I really liked practicing Math and Art. During elementary school I was a part of the Art Club. In middle school I took a math regents examination, I would do art for the school’s newspaper and was apart of the selected few that got to work with an art teacher, to get a portfolio to get into a high school with an art program, but I never bothered to apply. For High School I went to Murrow one of the few schools with an a really good art, theater, and music program and although I wasn’t apart of the art program, an art teacher who knew me well let me take extra art classes like fashion design, sculpting, knitting, and fine arts. Although I loved and was exposed to Art and Math my whole life it wasn’t something I wanted to do as a career. When I got accepted into City Tech, I originally applied for the Civil Engineering program. As I came in to do my schedule, I decided I didn’t want to do civil engineering and instead I wanted to become an Architect. It was a mix of everything I wanted to do.  As the quote by Matthew Fredrick state, “An architect knows something about everything. An engineer knows everything about one thing.”

This semester has made me uncertain of what I want my  job to be. From this class, Professional Practice, which has showed me all the career options available and steps to get licensed. The LIB Learning Places class that has taught a lot about the drastic changes going on in the urban environment, our own city. Those two classes have made me look at different career options related to the field. But at the moment my dream job is to work at a firm and gain experience to become a licensed architect and focus on designing for the urban environment of the future.

Bryan Gonzalez


Dream Job

After gaining some working experience in an architecture firm and analyzing everyone’s roles in the office I decided that I want to work my way to the position of Project Manager. I know the work load for that position will be very challenging and takes a lot of time and effort, but we studied all these years in college to make it to a position that we’re most comfortable with. There’s still a lot I need to learn, but I can’t wait to lead major projects, coordinate with other brilliant minds and eventually even share my knowledge with college students who will be just as lost with where they fit into architecture as I was. 

Architecture license Yes or No

As of now , I do want to become a license Architect. I want to be able to have my own firm and  design my own drawings when it comes to working with clients. I feel like Architecture is a competitive career and by becoming a license architect , it will open more doors for me  when applying for jobs or when starting my own firm. I will also like to learned the construction  side within this career. I am the type of person that likes learning how everything is put together from drawing on a piece of paper to on -site work .The reason why there is a small doubt in my answer is because what if, while I am working on my hours towards my license I find something that interest me and will led me in a different path inside this field that doesn’t require a license. Who knows, but my main focus now is working towards my license.

Dream Job

Day by day as I progress through school, becoming an architect becomes more realistic. Architecture being such a unique field where it branches off into so many different fields, you’re wondering where in tree of architecture you want to be. For me a big ideology of mine is legacy. After you perish what is left to keep your name alive? For me creating & designing a building would be a means to the goal of staying relevant through time. I’m not solely perusing architecture for this, but I love buildings. Since childhood, I’ve grown up in the construction industry. I have a deep respect and appreciation for this industry and what it has provided for me.

Furthermore, my dream job is to have my own design build firm. As mentioned before, I want to design buildings and be able to say, “I’ve built that building”. For most that’s enough but I also love numbers. Working in a general contracting firm I had the opportunity to see what goes behind the scenes. I enjoyed the number crunching, bargaining, and overall contact I had with so many different people from all over the construction field. A design build firm lets me enjoy both heads of the coin, not to mention the money from that would be astounding.

Additionally, I too would like to take my skills and use it for the better of the world. Specifically, I would like to have a hand in the development of Pakistan (my home country). Many villages have depressing quality of shelter which I feel I can fix. Also, Pakistan is titled as a third world country. With recent progression of politics, the country is on track to progression. I want to be apart of that movement, bringing the country ways of building into modern times.


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There have been many careers I thought about pursing as a young kid but choosing a career in the field of architecture did not to come to mind until I enter my first years in high school. Before that I had no interest, nor did I know what the field consisted of. It had never crossed my mind until I saw what my older brother was doing with his future. He pursued the same career and at the same school I attend.

I never had the joy playing with Legos like every other kid growing up. Instead I had the joy putting together jigsaw puzzles. That’s how I began viewing the career of architecture. I didn’t see it as simply creating buildings, the way some people viewed Legos and architecture in general, I began seeing architecture as a way to connect your life with everyday life, just like a jigsaw puzzle. One simple piece connects with another piece and so forth which overall creates a balance and at the end comes a great image, in architecture it creates a great area / urban plan.

After a few years of gaining knowledge in the field of architecture I began realizing that there are so many branches, so many things that one can pursue in the field. I realized that I want to create more of a private relationship with future clients. I want to be able to meet with a client one on one and design him that dream home he desires. Yes, being part of a project like the Burj Khalifa sounds wonderful and all but it doesn’t get my name out there. I prefer building a friendship with clients and being able to understand their individual needs. Flipping real estate also has its advantages. Its simply like recycling a home, turning something what was old into something brand new so it can serve the same or a different purpose.


Lisset Garcia

Growing up I always wondered what profession I would chose to study. The decision didn’t come easy when choosing a major to study in College. I knew I had a love for art and mathematics so I figured I would be a candidate to the architecture major. As I am coming to the end of my degree, I realize I still don’t know where I want to continue. Architecture is so narrow compared to the vast amount of branches you could work in within the industry. So if you ask me what my dream job is I would answer that I don’t yet know, I will know when I’m there. For now I can tell you this much, I want to be able to open up my own firm or company and be my own boss, work outside NY, help the less fortunate build homes that are safe, less expensive and are not harmful to the environment. After graduating college, I want to start working in the field to not only gain experience but start working towards obtaining my license. I want to get a feel of what it is to work in the industry. Currently I am not sure what area of architecture I want to study although I am interested in sustainability and construction management.

My Dream Job- Darwin Diaz

My dream job would be working for Norman Foster and Partners. My goal is to start looking for a internship that involves making walls details and design efficient. This will show my limits of designing. I plan to go to City College for the Architecture Master’s Degree. At this point, i’m looking for a place that cares about me getting my license as Architect. I will be working as freelance in rendering, and 3D dimensional modeling to save money. This way i can see what path will be the best for me. I just wanna be prepare with all the tools i need to finalize a large project. The time I get my masters. I will be working as drafter or Designer in Norman Foster’s office. This will my dream job since i appreciate What this Architecture firm does to people. I wanna be part of the legacy that makes buildings high in materials, functionality and sustainability.

Dream Job

Throughout elementary, teachers would ask the kids what they wanted to be when they grow up. During that time, it seemed that most of the kids wanted to be architects, nurse, and teachers, while I had a dream to become a mechanic. It didn’t take long to convince me that I wanted to be architect. I enjoyed drawing, crafting and designing, which I figure I would fit the picture of aiming to be an architect. During my middle school and high school years I started to grasp some sort of an idea what an architect is. Not until college, I learn there so many branches to architecture and a whole process to get a structure complete.
Personally, I’m glad I didn’t change majors. Looking into the future, my dream job, would be working as a license architecture in a firm. Able to designing all kinds of buildings and having to travel to different countries for meetings. Currently I’m unclear to how to get there. In general, the only plan I have is get accepted to an internship and after graduation, work in a firm for a couple of years and if necessary, go back to school and then prepare my self for the license exam.

Dream job-Yocelyne Portillo

Yocelyne Portillo


Profesional Practice

Professor Mashara


As a child, I was always fascinated by art and drawing. I loved to draw and write different font styles because it was always something fun for me. When I got to my final year of high school, I wanted to study a major that not only involved being creative but also created something useful and art like. I choose to pursue a degree in architecture because I was fascinated by how a small idea can become something bigger. I like how there are different ways to create a building using different materials, software and fabrication methods. There are almost no limits to what you can create in architecture. There are so many job opportunities you can possible do.

Although I am not certain what my dream job is, I am interested in residential architecture and furniture design. I’d like to first get an internship and later work in firms with commercial and residential projects. I like to be able to work in different firms and have different job positions. I think that way I can really get a full experience of what my dream job can be. I think most importantly my dream job would be, not about making a lot of money, but being happy at what I’m doing. I would like to have a job in drafting and maybe someday when I have more experience I’d like to help design buildings. My main goal is to succeed in my profession and be able to provide for myself and my family. I want to someday be able to get my architecture license and be content that I’ve made it so far.

Dream job

Elizabeth Ramirez

As a young child I always dreamed of designing my own home. Although I didn’t necessary want to be an architect, it wasn’t until 8th grade where I decided that I like architecture. Then I went on to an architecture high school, where I was more expose to the world of architecture. I really enjoyed what I was learning so I decided to continue studying architecture in college.  When I started college I thought that architecture was just designing buildings and building them. However I learned that architecture has many branches, and it’s just not designing buildings, but there is also fabrication of facades, urban planning, interior design among many more.


At the moment I’m not really sure what branch of architecture I want to go into or if i just want to stay in the field of traditional architecture. I have looked into interior designing and residential buildings. Right now I want to finish with my bachelor degree and get an internship at a firm. Once I graduate I am planning on taking a break from school instead of going straight to my master degree. I will work and obtain experience so I can later take the license exam and become a licensed architect. While working I also want to travel and explore the different ways architecture is seen in different parts of the world.