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Shutter Speed

This image captures a lot of movement. This photo was taken in a 10 sec time lapse showing how my group members and I switching seats. This created a smooth transition in this photo. As you can see, it looks … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting: Mood

This image portrays a serious mood. With the use of two different lights we were able to create a mysterious feeling portrayed from the photo. What really ties this photo together is the bible, its adds more to composition by … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

The lighting used from this photo comes from a soft box and a lighting grid. Rather than focusing on her body from the shoulders up, as a group we decided to focus on getting a closer shot to her face.The … Continue reading

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Light and Direction

During this photoshoot, our class was asked to capture the essence of a flower using light and direction. This photo taken by one of my group members is a brief representation of how placement of light can have a different … Continue reading

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Tour of Aperture

  During our last class trip, we visited the Highline and Aperture Foundation Gallery. Aperture was founded in 1952 by those who shared the strong common interest of photogrpahy.  Aperture is a foundation which focuses on connecting with audiences in … Continue reading

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Photo Description Michael Kenna: Empire State Building The photograph that I choose was, Empire State Building, Study 5, New York, New York, USA. 2013 by Michael Kenna. This image is a representation of the Empire State Building in 2013. This image gives two different perspectives of … Continue reading

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Great Photograph

A great photograph consists of great eye quality that portrays a message which the viewers can understand clearly. It emphasizes every detailed aspect of what is in the photo and captures the moment of the emotion being shown through the colors … Continue reading

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