Photo Description Michael Kenna: Empire State Building

The photograph that I choose was, Empire State Building, Study 5, New York, New York, USA. 2013 by Michael Kenna. This image is a representation of the Empire State Building in 2013. This image gives two different perspectives of not only the Empire State Building but the buildings that surround it. It shows a clear picture of the building on the right and a reflection of the same image on the left. The image shows what you would see as you walk past 34th st. Kenna’s intentions for this photograph was to pin point the location of the main attraction on 34th st and also show that the mood of this photo is showing happiness or enjoyment. As a New Yorker, we never take the time out our busy day to focus on the beautiful attractions that surround us everyday. Kenna wanted to take such a simple building and show its beauty through a simple photograph. The three elements of photography that pertain to this photograph are, symmetry, patterns and reputation, and leading lines. Symmetry is shown in the photograph by the way Kenna decided to position his camera. By giving the reflection of the buildings on the left side, it gives the viewer the impression that there is two of the same buildings but in reality it is only one.  Patterns and reputation is shown in this photo because each side that shows the view of the buildings matches the other creates a pattern as you look at from where the camera is being pointed. Leading lines is also shown in this photo because, the use of the line that divides the two halves of the photo shows that the viewers eye goes directly to the main part of the image.  In short, through the use these three elements, Kenna shows the beauty of a simple attraction in New York City.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Certainly, this is a great example of symmetry.

    When we use the expression leading lines usually the leading lines draw our eye to what is important in the photo. This photo has strong lines esp. the strong vertical down the middle and the buildings create a dramatic form of perspective leading our eye up. I don’t know if I would call this a good example of leading lines though as the lines don’t really lead anywhere.

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